First Management, Inc. is an Omaha, Nebraska based firm specializing in the management and leasing of shopping centers, multi-use and office properties.

About Us

First Management, Inc. is an Omaha, Nebraska based firm specializing in the management, development, and leasing of shopping centers, multi-use and office properties. The owners of the firm are Randall Wieseler, Thomas Adams and Kenneth Albrecht, who combine over 85 years of experience in the Real Estate industry.

First Management, Inc. provides a strong central management from its Omaha office, complemented as needed by qualified on-site personnel. Our staff is selected and promoted on the basis of proven individual initiative and judgement ability which forms the foundation on which our firm is built. We believe that the delegation of responsibility and authority, and providing opportunities for individual and firm growth within a framework of strong central management results in the highest standards and performance.

Our general approach to property management is one of maximized current return consistent with the maintenance and creation of the highest possible long-range value for the involved property. In addition tot he typical management efforst to maximize gross income and control operating expenses, we concentrate on enhancement of long-term property values through active marketing, effective occupancy of vacant area, recasting of tenancies where appropriate, maximum development of leasable area including pad or satellite facilities where possible, and the pursuit of similar long-term property improvement programs.

First Management, Inc.'s accounting team works diligently and aggresively to provide the best possible service and care to each property. Our accounting system is flexible with each property's accounting records and procedures being adapted to conform to the particular requirements of the applicable owner. Our records are maintained on a modified accrual basis with property performance being constantly measured against owner established or approved budgets and goals.

Our staff includes one Certified Shopping Center Manager (CSM) and one Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) candidate who, along with the rest of the First Management, Inc. administrative staff and on-site personnel, provides superior developing, management, and leasing services.

First Management, Inc.'s principals past shopping center management and leasing projects in Omaha have included the Westroads Shopping Center (1,050,000 square feet), the Crossroads (600,000 square feet), and the Southroads Shopping Center (450,000 square feet). Properties currently under management include:

1941 South 42nd Street Suite 550, Omaha, Nebraska 68105  (402)344-4600 fax:(402)344-4602