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Tenant Maintenance Requests

At First Management, Inc. your maintenance request is important to us and we would like to see it taken care of as quickly as possible. We have created this electronic maintenance request to facilitate the reporting of NON-EMERGENCY maintenance to our office, even after-hours. 

Please be sure to read all of the information on this page before submitting your request and fill out the form completely. The more information we have about you and your maintenance problem, the more efficiently we will be able to address the issue.

If you have an maintenance-emergency during regular 8-5 business hours please contact our office at (402) 344-4600. After-hours maintenance-emergencies may be reported by calling (402) 344-4600 and enter #1 to be transferred to the after hours help desk.


Procedures for Requesting Maintenance

1. Before submitting a maintenance request.

Check to see the problem is fixable. Please read the following examples carefully.

Change air filter. Check ALL circuit breakers often during hot weather or if a circuit breaker overloads, it will trip off the circuit A/C breaker. Often it is difficult to see that the breaker is tripped and it will look like it is not. Therefore, the breaker must be turned all the way off and then all the way on. The breaker must be turned all the way off because it will not “reset” itself to correct the problem.

Check underneath on the disposal unit for the RED reset button that may need to be reset. If something is stuck & the blades do not turn you can purchase a disposal wrench from Lowes or Home Depot for less than $5.00 and give it a twist. This will often break the disposal loose & it will work. Be sure garbage disposal is turned OFF while doing this.

In the patio, kitchen or bathroom, check reset button on ALL GFCI (Ground fault interrupter).

Check all appliances to see if the circuits are being overloaded with appliances such as irons, microwave, toaster, curling irons, blow dryers, etc.

Tenants are responsible for the replacement of batteries. If the new battery does not work, call in a work order. Notify Management if the smoke alarm is not working. Remember, a smoke alarm is for safety and it is very important to check it regularly to see if it is working.

2. Determine whether it’s an emergency or non-emergency item:

  • Fire, flood, uncontrollable water, electrical problem, smell of gas, etc…
  • For emergencies causing immediate danger such as fire, call 911.
  • For emergencies involving IMMEDIATE electrical danger, call the utility service.
  • Loss of heat or air conditioning is not an emergency. First Management, Inc. recognizes this is a priority item and will make it a priority with the vendors to have the heat working as soon as is possible.
  • Loss of HVAC, non-working dishwasher, sprinklers, etc…

3. Describe the problem in detail.

If your request involves an appliance, please describe the appliance, including make, model and color. This may help expedite the repair.

Online maintenance requests are only monitored during regular business hours.

Under normal circumstances, you should receive a response from our office or contact from a vendor within 1-3 days. If you are not contacted, please call our office at (402) 344-4600.

Tenants Will Be Responsible for the Following Charges:

  • If there is a service call and a breaker is tripped.
  • When sewer stoppage is caused by tenant(s) placement of debris in the line such as diapers, baby wipes, rags, sanitary napkins, extensive toilet paper, etc.
  • If the Tenant fails to report necessary repairs.
  • If the Tenant fails to meet a vendor at an assigned appointment and there is a vendor charge.
  • If the Tenant’s pet causes damage to the property.
  • If the Tenant reports a repair which does not require service.
  • If the Tenant fails to replace battery for smoke detector or battery for remote door opener and causes a service call for only battery replacement.
  • For replacing doors, jambs, broken glass and/or windows unless the Tenant provides a Police Report detailing the cause of the problem showing forced entry by others.
  • For carpet cleaning while living in the property.
  • For damage, which is caused to the walls, carpets, floors, etc. because the Tenant left the windows or doors open during rain or wind
  • Any damage to the property caused by Tenant’s guests or invitees.